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SpiderCool Accessories

SpiderCool Inline Filter System

Re-circulating chips through your flood coolant system is not a good practice. Chips can clog coolant lines and plumbing fittings or your SpiderCool nozzle, costing you machine down time and maintenance headaches. Adding a low cost SpiderCool inline filter between your coolant pump and SpiderCool nozzle, or loc-lines, easily and inexpensively solves this problem.

The Inlet hose is connected from the machine’s coolant pump. The inline filter normally mounts on the back of your machining center. Dual pressure gages monitor the difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet. A dramatic difference in pressure indicates the filter needs cleaning or replacement, before it becomes urgent. The filter body quickly unscrews from the top portion, providing easy access to the filter element which can be changed in just minutes. The outlet hose provides chip-free coolant to the machine’s coolant system, including the SpiderCool.

Total cost of inline filter system as shown including 3 disposable filters is $400.00

Filters for SpiderCool Inline Filter System

Two styles of filter elements are available for the same filter housing.

1. Disposable string wound element is very low cost and can be changed in 5 minutes or less.  Current price of replacements are $7.00 each

2.  Reusable wafer style element can be cleaned and reused an unlimited number of times.  Current price is $125.00