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Unattended Machining

By eliminating manual coolant adjustments, machining centers can run without operator intervention for extended periods of time, which greatly improves cycle efficiency and yields more profit per machine hour.

Tool Life

Coolant is precisely aimed at the cutting edge where destructive heat is generated.  Eliminating multiple "loc-lines" increases coolant velocity, and provides more coolant to the cutting edge.  Chip flushing is substantially improved as well  

Cycle Time

With optimal cooling, higher machining feeds and speeds dramatically reduce part cycle times. Less down time for tooling changeover means more time for cutting.

Critical Machining Variable Eliminated

Your machining center is totally automatic, right? Not if your machinist continually has to manually adjust coolant lines! Once set, SpiderCool automatically aims a higher volume coolant stream precisely at the cutting edge of every tool, regardless of length.


Time wasted adjusting coolant lines is eliminated.  SpiderCool can be adjusted during setup, and while cutting.  Because tool life is increased, time spent changing worn tooling and re-setting tool offsets is significantly decreased. 

Can You Put A Price On Safety?

Why risk the loss of a good machinist to an avoidable accident? Manufacturers and job shop owners must realize that a work related injury caused by a machinist reaching inside the machine enclosure to adjust coolant lines can result in lost time and even a law suit.  How much is a finger worth?


Chet Schwalenberg of Tru Precision Corp. purchased SpiderCool #1 in November 2000. He drove to our shop on Feb 13, 2008 asking us to fix his SpiderCool for the first time.

How much can SpiderCool add to your bottom line? (click here)