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Plug & Play Kits

Although a SpiderCool system can be installed on virtually any Vertical or Horizontal Machining Center, we are striving to develop "Plug & Play" kits for as many machine brands and models as possible.  Plug & Play kits enable the customer or an Independent Service Technician to install the SpiderCool system thereby saving the cost of factory installation.  Plug & Play Kits are designed to have a machine model specific pre-wired interface harness, custom nozzle mounting bracket and all fittings, hoses, cables and fasteners necessary for a qualified individual to install the SpiderCool system in 4 hours or less. An auxiliary loc-line, with shut-off valve is supplied with every kit just in case you feel coolant from another direction would be beneficial. 

Plug and Play Kits with detailed installation instructions are available for:

Fadal VMCs - most models, carousel or double arm tool

                          changers. Fadal or Fanuc controls

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Hurco VM-1, VM-2, VM-3 and VMX models

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Fanuc Robodrill - all models

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Supermax 1020, 76, 102 models presently

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Doosan - Daewoo 4020 and 3016 Verticals

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Plug & Play Kits for additional machines will be released as they are developed.

Attn: OEM's we will develop a Plug & Play system for your Machining Center!

Please specify machine model when ordering!

SpiderCool is Made in the USA


Plug & Play Customer Testimonials

Shanklin Sealed Air Corporation (8 SpiderCools)

Hardigg Industries (7 SpiderCools)


Before and After Pictures - Click to Enlarge

Before Installation

Pictured here is a typical Fadal 4020 with the stock semicircle coolant manifold with loc-lines.

Dcp01559.jpg (229865 bytes)

After Installation

Same machine with SpiderCool Plug & Play Automatic Coolant Nozzle Installed

Note 1: One loc-line is provided for those rare situations where the machinist feels he could benefit from coolant coming from another direction. Otherwise the loc-line is always shutoff, forcing more coolant volume through the SpiderCool nozzle.

   After - close.jpg (268272 bytes)   Nozzle Rear Shot.JPG (243483 bytes)

Note 2: Due to the spindle nose extension, the SpiderCool nozzle on a Fadal must be mounted outboard on an extended bracket in order for the SpiderCool coolant stream to target the shortest tool. On applications where a rotary table is used, the SpiderCool is front mounted to enable more effective coolant stream targeting.


Fadal Plug & Play  Package Contents

Mechanical Kit Includes:

SpiderCool Servo Nozzle Assembly


nozzle assembly front.jpg (169747 bytes)

Mounting Bracket

 Coolant Manifold

Auxiliary Loc-Line

Individual shut-off valves

Spare coolant port

All plumbing fittings and hose

All Mounting hardware


mechanical package.jpg (285774 bytes)

Electrical Kit Includes:

SpiderCool Intelligent Control

control.jpg (449687 bytes)

Plug & Play Control Wiring Harnesses - All connections are clearly labeled indicating proper connect point

electrical package.jpg (548007 bytes)

Servo Cable - Connects the Nozzle Assembly to the Control Board

servo cable.jpg (34642 bytes)

Adjustment Knob - mounts in the CNC control console

Adjustment Knob Cable - Runs from the adjustment knob to the control board

knob & cable.jpg (17320 bytes)

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