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General Info & FAQ's

What exactly is SpiderCool?

SpiderCool is an Automatic Coolant Nozzle System for machining centers.

The SpiderCool system consists of :

  • Nozzle assembly
  • Control unit,
  • Remote adjustment knob, cabling, and mounting hardware.
  • A closed loop servo motor automates the coolant stream.

SpiderCool memorizes where coolant is aimed on each tool, then adjusts automatically while the machine is running. oriented so the coolant stream is aligned to the spindle centerline.

On standard installations, the machine’s existing coolant pump is plumbed to the SpiderCool and the same Coolant ON-OFF commands are programmed into the control.

A higher volume/pressure coolant pump can be installed to dramatically improve cutting performance.

How do you program SpiderCool?
  • The machinist simply “teaches” SpiderCool by turning the adjustment knob to precisely aim the coolant stream.
  • This is done once for each tool in the machine.
  • From that point on, coolant adjustment is automatic.

There are no M-Codes or G-Codes to write into your program, and adjustments can be made and re-memorized at any time during the machining cycle

How does SpiderCool know which tool is in the spindle?

  • SpiderCool uses a Patented “Intelligent Interface” to monitor the tool changer.

  • This interface supports Carousel, Double Arm Random Pocket, Single Arm, and Pre-Load pocket style automatic tool changers.

Who needs SpiderCool?

Companies interested in maximizing productivity, unattended machining, minimizing downtime, reducing tooling costs, and improving safety, should strongly consider adding SpiderCool.

What machines need SpiderCool? 

New or existing

  • Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers with automatic tool changers will benefit the most.

  • Machines without tool changers, such as Horizontal Boring Mills, Planer Mills, and Large Verticals will also benefit from SpiderCool.

  • Even machining centers with "through the spindle coolant" (TSC) will benefit from SpiderCool.

Most companies using TSC, due to dramatically increased tooling costs, use this feature mostly on operations where it is highly beneficial, such as drilling.  SpiderCool can then be used on all remaining tools without any increase in tooling costs.

Decreases shop owner liability!

Every time your machinist sticks his hand inside  a machining center, with the spindle running, there is a real potential for personal injury that could result in lost time or worse yet a costly law suit which SpiderCool could have prevented.  How much is a finger worth?