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Precise, efficient, programmable coolant nozzle system that dramatically reduces part cycle times!

Horizontals Machining Centers cost considerably more per hour to operate than verticals and aiming flood coolant, due to their size and difficulty reaching the loc-lines, is a huge problem. The loc-lines over or around the spindle can be very difficult if not impossible for the machinist to reach in order to adjust, especially if the spindle is 6' in the air. Once set they very often lose their aim due to the force of the coolant being turned on and off, rapid machine motion, snaky chips knocking the loc-line off location or simply because they become too loose from age to hold position. The potential for the operator to be injured adjusting flood coolant on a horizontal is much greater than a vertical.


The SpiderCool system is a programmable coolant nozzle that automatically aims a higher volume coolant stream at the cutting edge of every tool, regardless of length, loaded into the spindle of any horizontal machining center by the tool changer. The SpiderCool servo driven nozzle on a horizontal machining center is generally located over the spindle at the 12 o’clock position and plumbed to the machine’s existing coolant pump. Coolant on/off commands are used as they normally are. Once a coolant position is set, the SpiderCool interface memorizes each position then automatically aims the coolant stream precisely at the cutting edge of each tool loaded into the spindle by the ATC, regardless of length. In addition to fixed positions, a variable oscillation cycle can be set for any tool. These fixed or oscillating positions are set visually using the SpiderCool servo adjustment knob conveniently located on the machine's control panel or on a hand held pendant. No programming or M-function is required.

Note: Manual horizontal boring mills, without tool changers, can also benefit from installation of a SpiderCool "automated directional flood coolant nozzle"

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