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SpiderCool Models

High-Pressure (HP)

Most companies think high pressure coolant is only available via the through the spindle coolant (TSC) option. SpiderCool HP nozzle was born out of the discovery by aircraft engine manufacturers that a precision aimed high pressure external coolant stream actually out-performed high pressure TSC on some operations. This is primarily due to the realization that centrifugal force drives the TSC coolant away from the cutting edge of the tool exposing it to higher heat and therefore shorter life. The SpiderCool external coolant stream works well in conjunction with TSC. Some operations like deep hole drilling without question benefit from TSC while others respond equally as well, or better, with SpiderCool HP. Keep in mind that SpiderCool operations always use the less expensive standard cutters versus the more costly TSC ported tooling.

SpiderCool HP nozzle differs from the standard SpiderCool nozzle in that it is manufactured from high alloy materials to very tight tolerances enabling it to handle pressures up to 1000 PSI. The HP nozzle tube utilizes a special tip which is threaded into the nozzle tube. The SpiderCool HP nozzle is coupled to your existing high-pressure coolant pump or a pump supplied with the SpiderCool HP system. This is an ultra high-performance coolant solution for the most demanding applications.  

Factory installation is recommended for SpiderCool HP Systems and for safety reasons can only be used on machines with full enclosures.

SpiderCool (STD)

The standard SpiderCool, in most cases, manifolds off your machine's existing coolant pump. Since coolant loc-lines are no longer the primary flood coolant source, yet one loc-line with shutoff valve is always left for those rare situations where the machinist feels he could benefit from coolant coming from another direction.  Because of this the standard (STD) SpiderCool automatically aims a higher volume coolant stream precisely at the cutting edge of each tool, regardless of length. Customers can improve the performance of their standard SpiderCool system with a higher volume/pressure pump. The standard SpiderCool nozzle will handle pressure up to 250 PSI. 

The standard unit meets most customers' requirements.